Success Stories: AJ Financial Group


Start Now Finish Rich DVD

Eastonsweb clients Frank Johnson and Emma Allen of AJ Financial Group are experiencing success using DVD media to grow their financial consulting practice.  Frank and Emma understood that their successful “Start Now, Finish Rich” seminars could be an even more effective component of their business if they sold seminar DVD’s to their audiences. 

Frank and Emma took advantage of our subsidized seminar video program that enables clients to create an effective seminar DVD package at little to no cost. The subsidized program includes 100 retail-ready DVD units that once sold, can cover the entire cost of the production.  With other programs the client pays for the production of an edited master tape then an additional fee for duplication costs.  The combined cost can be pretty expensive, especially for small businesses ($1,000 to $1,500 PER FINISHED MINUTE for produciton alone).

Frank and Emma just completed the sale of their first 100 units.

“We sell the items immediately following our events.  People are excited and very motivated to buy,” says Frank. 

If the client conducts seminars on a regular basis that draw a good crowd, the DVD’s are not difficult to sell because the audience provides a built in distribution channel.

Start Now Finish Rich DVD Trailer (Below):

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