Marketing 911: The Legacy Company


may_07_marketing911.jpgThe Legacy Company provides it’s customers with access to Members and Staff of both Houses of the the United States Congress and officials in Local, State and Federal Governments helping them advocate for a specific issue, cause or business interest and draft testimony and letters to appropriate parties in support of pre-determined goals.

Principal, Kevin Monroe is looking for creative ways to grow his customer base.  The Legacy company works with individuals, interest groups, businesses, or local governments who have never ventured into the realm of government relations or who wish to build on prior relationships and efforts.  Kevin believes that no customer is too large or too small. 

The company’s growth to date has been driven by referral word of mouth and Kevin has not yet produced collateral materials or a website.  Given this fact I can think of a number of marketing tactics he might consider but we are interested in getting your feedback.  Please submit your ideas for Kevin as comments below.

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5 Responses to “Marketing 911: The Legacy Company”

  1. Kristina Hill Says:

    The Legacy Company is a great business idea. Government Affairs plays an integral role in the success of a business and in the daily lives of consumers (just look at the impact of the energy and pharmaceutical industries on our society).

    Here are a few suggestions on how Kevin can increase awareness of his business and boost his clientele:

    *Join a speaker’s bureau: Speaking at various events where your target audience will be is a great way to spread the word about your organization, and to let them know why they need your services.

    *Promote your expertise via articles and whitepapers: Print and online publications always are in need of good content. Pinpoint a few outlets that reach your target audience and submit articles and case studies on your business, how your services impacted current and past clients, and “hot” industry topics.

    *Sponsor an event: Sponsor an event that caters to your target audience. This is a great way to build your brand and network with key decision makers. Some sponsorship packages even offer speaking opportunities.

    *Press Releases: Distribute press releases to promote your new clients. This will give you a chance to show the growth of your business, and demonstrate your expertise in a particular field. Be sure to include a boilerplate at the end of your releases that summarize the services offered by your organization, and a website that gives more details.

    Good luck!

  2. Mark Williams Says:


    What types of projects or events have you organized to brand and highlight yourself, and your companys services?

    What methods are you using to increase consumer awareness?



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