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Success Stories: AJ Financial Group

May 18, 2007

Start Now Finish Rich DVD

Eastonsweb clients Frank Johnson and Emma Allen of AJ Financial Group are experiencing success using DVD media to grow their financial consulting practice.  Frank and Emma understood that their successful “Start Now, Finish Rich” seminars could be an even more effective component of their business if they sold seminar DVD’s to their audiences. 

Frank and Emma took advantage of our subsidized seminar video program that enables clients to create an effective seminar DVD package at little to no cost. The subsidized program includes 100 retail-ready DVD units that once sold, can cover the entire cost of the production.  With other programs the client pays for the production of an edited master tape then an additional fee for duplication costs.  The combined cost can be pretty expensive, especially for small businesses ($1,000 to $1,500 PER FINISHED MINUTE for produciton alone).

Frank and Emma just completed the sale of their first 100 units.

“We sell the items immediately following our events.  People are excited and very motivated to buy,” says Frank. 

If the client conducts seminars on a regular basis that draw a good crowd, the DVD’s are not difficult to sell because the audience provides a built in distribution channel.

Start Now Finish Rich DVD Trailer (Below):

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Marketing 911: The Legacy Company

May 15, 2007

may_07_marketing911.jpgThe Legacy Company provides it’s customers with access to Members and Staff of both Houses of the the United States Congress and officials in Local, State and Federal Governments helping them advocate for a specific issue, cause or business interest and draft testimony and letters to appropriate parties in support of pre-determined goals.

Principal, Kevin Monroe is looking for creative ways to grow his customer base.  The Legacy company works with individuals, interest groups, businesses, or local governments who have never ventured into the realm of government relations or who wish to build on prior relationships and efforts.  Kevin believes that no customer is too large or too small. 

The company’s growth to date has been driven by referral word of mouth and Kevin has not yet produced collateral materials or a website.  Given this fact I can think of a number of marketing tactics he might consider but we are interested in getting your feedback.  Please submit your ideas for Kevin as comments below.

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For Website Success Dedicate a Resource

May 9, 2007

Your Web ResourceI say it all the time, content is a key driver of website success. To ensure that your content is fresh, engaging and relevant you should dedicate a resource to the task of website maintenance. Your website manager will be responsible for ensuring your site is up, content is accurate, links are functioning, proper advertising and marketing messages are displayed, emails are getting answered, etc.

In small organizations, one person might manage all of these tasks. In larger organizations a team of individuals will do the work. Your site manager’s required skills will depend on whether or not you have a content management system in place. Content management systems allow non technical users to make text, image and related changes. At a minimum, your manager should possess the following:

  1. Detail oriented
  2. Advanced computer skills (word processing, layout and design)
  3. Image editing skills (Photoshop and related skills are a plus)
  4. Composition skills (in the areas of business and marketing)

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Court the Press: Your Online Newsroom

May 3, 2007

Online NewsroomGetting press coverage for your business is one of the best forms of advertising.  Ads typically convey your thoughts about how good your business is, while press coverage is seen as an objective affirmation of your business’s quality.  One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of getting media coverage is to make reporters’ jobs easier by hosting an online newsroom on your website.

The online newsroom is designed specifically for media professionals (beat reporters, editors, assignment desk managers, etc).  Increased competition and staff reductions are making media professional’s jobs much harder and by providing editors and reporters easy access to the essential content required to compose your story, increases the likelihood that your story gets written.

Below is a list of items to consider including in your online newsroom:

  1. High resolution headshot photos of your business’s principals and senior executives
  2. Photos of your team in action
  3. Copies of past press releases
  4. Copies of articles written about your company
  5. Streaming video of any television coverage your company has received
  6. Sample interview questions in case a reporter is interested in initiating a discussion
  7. Articles you have written on industry-specific topics
  8. A list of story ideas

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