Do It Yourself Video: The Quality Myth


Pro vs Amateur Video

“It can’t be that difficult,” is a phrase I often hear would be video do-it-yourselfers say.  “Just because you own a pen does not make you a great author,” is usually my response.  Very few people will be able to select proper video, audio, lighting and editing tools; then acquire the necessary skills to employ this diverse toolset well enough to produce a marketing video that attracts new customers.Each production task (shooting, lighting, audio, editing and graphics) is a specialized discipline that can take years to master individually.  An amateur tackling all of these tasks in combination is a recipe for producing a marketing video that repels rather than attracts new customers.  Like customer service, video viewers rarely mention good production work but when done poorly; shaky, improperly lit, zoom crazy videos create a negative impression of your business that can cause prospecitve customers to flee.  

Yes, anyone can produce a video but few amateurs can produce an effective marketing video that motivates prospective customers.  As a business owner you eat what you catch and when you fish with inadequate bait, don’t be surprised at what you catch.


6 Responses to “Do It Yourself Video: The Quality Myth”

  1. Gabe Says:

    You are absolutely 100% right. We all need to keep educating people on this, there is a reason every video doesn’t look good. Some of us actually received a college education in video production and have years of experience doing it….yet we are told by many that “anyone can do it”.

  2. John Easton Says:


    Thank you for your comment. I think the issue even goes beyond the look of the video. If the video is for a marketing purpose it needs to meet some business objective (get a viewer to call, join a mailing list, purchase a product, etc.).

    An ulearned and unskilled producer is less likely to produce a video that generates the desired viewer response. Even worse a poorly produced video will turn prospects away.


  3. JR Says:

    I agree usually I tell folks “just because you have a word processor doesn’t make you an author”. As for the importance of production there are two sayings “GIGO, Garbage In Garbage Out” from computers and “You can’t polish a turd” from music production. If you don’t start with a good concept and a well told story you are wasting everyones time. This does not include the Web site design and compression issues.

  4. modifoo Says:

    I totally agree.

    I also react when I hear budding directors asking which camera they should buy. If they are serious about the directing craft, they should start by focusing their attention on exactly that: the directing. I.e. : Hire a camera professional!

    In 99% of all cases a DP will get better pictures than a first-time director. In 100% of the cases the Director will do a better job of directing.

    Naturally, I also have to blog about this from time to time.

  5. Olivier Egli Says:

    yet in this field you hve to find the balance between the form and the function. i have seen many industrial films that were brilliantly shot but did not serve any purpose since it had been shot with only the technical aspect in mind. this will grant for a great movie with no function at all. a disbalance…therefore before shooting anything that will promote your business you need to have that person who is able to link the promotional value of a moving image business card and the actual business/ targeted customer group…without this even the slickest video is worth nothing. most people are either people with heart or with brain. you will need both: technicians who know what equipment can do, and people with heart, creative people, who find the right form to pour the message into…
    i say this cause in the past i have even seen imagefilms that were really badly made, but with a message that struck me within a few seconds. in this case the bad looks of the video were part of the package, which is why it worked….consider that, folks

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