Duct Tape Marketer Talks Video


John Jantsch Duct Tape MarketingThose who know me personally or follow my blog understand my passion for the great marketing opportunity video offers small businesses.  Because you hear me talk about it so much I decided to get the opinion of a new media marketing expert.

Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine present John Jantsch as a next generation go-to marketing resource.  John is also the the creator of several business marketing educational products including, Referral Flood.

John was kind enough to break from his busy schedule to talk with me about using video to win new customers.

Can you comment on the ability of video to sell the invisible (showing your value/uniqueness, making an emotional connection, etc)?  When I say invisible, service companies sell an invisible offering but even product driven firms are invisible in many ways to companies unfamiliar with them.

My definition of marketing is getting someone who has a need to know like and trust you – with that in mind, video can help a prospect make a trust building connection faster than words on paper might – much like a sales call would over a sales letter. When it comes to selling a service, or the invisible as you called it, trust is paramount. The first impression given by a video can also turn someone off faster as well.

Why is it that so few marketers (consultants and business owners)  include a multimedia component in their marketing plans? 

I guess it’s because of the perception of high cost and lack of know how when it comes to producing such pieces. Like many things it will become a priority when they understand the potential rewards outstrips the cost and hassle.

What are some ways you might suggest small and medium sized businesses use video online and offline to win customers?

Online it’s a great way to put a personality on the face of the company. I’ve also used it very effectively to help explain how to do something with a product or service, for training and for short client testimonials and case studies.

What do you think about this idea – I suggest small business owners give their company evangelists (their accountant, fellow board members, satisfied customers, etc) their professionally produced company marketing video on business card-sized disc or on video iPOD.  The goal here is to make it very easy for the evangelist to say, “I know someone you should meet…here, watch this”

I thinks it’s a great idea – one of the core referral principles I teach is to make it easy to refer you. Any tools that allow someone to put your message in a prospect’s hands with little work will help the cause.

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