Helping Big Brothers Big Sisters


Over here at Eastonsweb Multimedia our work is much greater than simply earning money.  Several weeks ago I was approached by the CEO of the local Big Brothers Big Sisters agency, Carol Lee to support the agency’s primary annual fundraiser, A Big Day at the Lake

Carol asked me to produce a video to help the agency solicit sponsorship funds.  Faced with an aggressive turnaround time and my very busy schedule I still could not refuse helping the young people that the BBBS assists. I should say here that the mission of the BBBS is to match needy Young people with qualified mentors to help Littles (as they are called) reach their potential.

With a bit of supplemental footage from a previous project, a testimonial interview shot this past Sunday and a couple of midnight hours; I completed the project (watch below).  It really is fulfilling when your hard work directly helps true community leaders, the Bigs.

If you follow this blog you know that I am pushing the BBBS to implement a series of tactics to present the video to prospective sponsors.  I have suggested that Carol and her team add the video throughout their website, embed links to the video in their email communications, ask board members to distribute the video to their networks and other tactics. 

How would you suggest the BBBS agency use their shiny new video (watch the video below)?

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3 Responses to “Helping Big Brothers Big Sisters”

  1. Felicia Watlington Says:

    John, there are a number of organizations comprised of young professionals that are often seeking community service/mentoring activies such as BBBS – some that come to mind are service oriented with the Mint Museum and the African-American Cultural Center in Charlotte. I suggest developing a targeted list of those that are the “best” and distribute the video, requesting distribution to their membership and posting on their websites.

  2. John Easton Says:


    Reaching out to service-minded groups is an awesome idea. Even better, asking the groups to distribute to their contact lists is sure to spread the word fast.

    I would think a similar approach could be used with business trade associations. These groups are filled with businesses capable of sponsoring the event and the BBBS in general.


  3. health care services Says:

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