The PR Refresh Video


Refresh Your PRPublic relations experts are right when they say being featured in print, television or radio media is one of the best advertising opportunities around. If your pr activities have yielded some good media hits, one great way to keep the buzz working for you is to combine your significant press mentions into a short pr “refresh” video.

Added to your website and included on disc with your collateral material, a pr refresh video is a very efficient way to add a ton of credibility for you in the eyes of prospective customers who may not be so familiar with your company.  Remember that most people are not trying to make the absolute perfect decision; they want to avoid making a bad decision by finding an excellent provider. When your prospective customer sees your company’s print and television press, they will feel more confident about choosing your firm or at least giving you a call.

Magazine and newspaper clips should comprise the core of your video’s content.  You might also include visual mentions of awards your company has received.  Your video professional can add motion to the clippings for interest and pull out key sections as graphical overlays (ex. “xyz magazine gives a top rating”).  If you received television coverage, you can include an entire segment or clip and sprinkle impactful segments throughout the video.  Add a few customer testimonials and you have a very compelling communication.

Don’t let your pr be a one time opportunity!

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