Narrow Your Focus


Focus Your MessageNo one wants to miss an opportunity to win a new customer.  In producing marketing video, “missed opportunity” thinking can drive us to discuss every service or product our business offers often to our detriment.

With each additional product, service or feature we discuss we dilute the impact of the individual messages.  Either the length of your marketing video increases (along with its cost) often beyond the viewer’s attention span or the video becomes bloated with so many messages your prospective customer cannot discern the benefit to them.

If your marketing video firmly establishes your company’s ability to deliver value in a single area, prospects will often project your expertise onto related areas which can include your other products and services. As an example, upon completing a website for a client I am often asked, “Can you guys add a video to our website?”  Without knowing we produce marketing videos, the satisfied client makes a logical assumption that we can deliver quality online video. I am sure you experienced or witnessed similar events. 

Remember, focus wins…


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