Look Before You Shoot: Tools without Tactics


How will you use your marketing toolsEven the best produced marketing video or a meticulously architected website will not work if no one sees it.  Build it and they will come is a hopeless fantasy.

To be successful you must first understand your audience.   Who are your ideal customers? What do they (not you) want?  Where can I find them (websites, networking events, etc)? If my prospects are responsive to the  marketing tools I am considering, what are some creative ways to get my prospects to interact with my marketing tools (tactics)?

Once you have these questions answered you are now in a good position to begin developing your tool kit.  As a matter of fact, your answers should be the driving force behind development of your marketing tools, dictating what you create and how you deploy.

Again, look before you shoot…How are you planning on using your tools?

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