When Perfection Ruins Good


Lessons from the book Selling the InvisibleAs perfectionists, my clients and I often struggle with seeking the absolute best in our projects.  Perfection is, well, perfect for personal projects but in marketing your business it can hurt you. 

Harry Beckwith, teaches us in his book, Selling the Invisible, that in seeking this unattainable height you often increase the implementation time of your marketing tool (website, video, direct mail piece, ad, etc) or delay the launch of your product and inevitably increase your cost.  Even worse, your prospective customer probably won’t notice the difference between a rank 8 execution vs. a rank 10 and even if they did see some distinction they are probably not likely to pay extra for it or wait any longer for delivery. 

In marketing always keep your target customer in mind and deliver exactly what will motivate them to move.  If good will satisfy your prospective customer’s need, don’t let perfection tie you up.  Post your thoughts as comments below.

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