Board Memberships: Marketing Nirvana


Enlist Fellow Board MembersAs a successful entrepreneur I am sure you are a member of or have been approached to join one or more corporate, non- profit or other boards. You probably do this to support the local community but also to build relationships with influential people. There is a way you can exponentially grow your business while serving the community.

Because corporate boards naturally attract some of the most prominent people in their segment, converting the members into supporters (I call them evangelists) of your business will equip you with perhaps the most powerful sales force available.

Once you get to know your fellow members well, be sure to educate them about your business; the services you offer, the types of customers you target, etc. Once educated, give your evangelists marketing material so they can be more than just a mouthpiece. One of the most powerful sales tools you can offer is a strong marketing video. Like no other tool, a marketing video will “Show” prospective customers why your offering is critical to their success.

You are probably saying, makes sense but how do I give board members my video? Delivering your video on a business card sized disc is an incredibly efficient option. The discs are small enough to fit in a wallet and all your associate has to say to a prospective customer is, “I know someone you should meet…here, watch this”.

Email newsletters are another great tool for distribution by your fellow board members. At the click of a button your newsletter can be forwarded to a large audience of prespective customers. A simple business card in the right hands can even be an effective communication. Give five or six to each board member.

The bottom line is, don’t just work on the board. Empower the board to work with you. Approached respectfully, they will be more than happy to help.


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