Black Enterprise Article: Your Thoughts?


Black Enterprise ArticleWhen Google purchased YouTube some months ago I truly saw an opportunity for small businesses to do some savvy marketing.  I felt businesses could (and still can) insert their marketing and educational video content to gain exposure and drive new business.  Actually I have been pushing this idea since YouTube opened it’s doors. 

In any event, I wrote a story and pitched several media outlets discussing the opportunity and specific tactics small businesses can use to leverage the YouTube phenomenon.  The story was picked up by a national publication, Black Enterprise Magazine in their March 2007 issue (page 58).

I am posting a copy of the article (click here).  I would like to ask you to read the article and if you find any content worth noting, to send your thoughts to the magazine’s editor ( 

I think the magazine produces great stories but I would like to see more articles citing forward-thinking tips small businesses can immediately put into action; and move beyond the standard fare (Quickbooks tips, finding a lawyer, the latest gadget, setting up a corporation, etc.) .  Who knows, if your letter is selected it could generate great publicity for you (they include company URLs with each published letter).


5 Responses to “Black Enterprise Article: Your Thoughts?”

  1. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound Says:

    John fabulous idea! I just send them a letter to the editor. (You’re such a Publicity Hound.)

  2. John Easton Says:


    You are my teacher.


  3. David Robinson Says:

    John, sorry to go a bit off topic here, but I can’t seem to get the link to the article to work. However, I wanted to get your and other reader’s thoughts on the ramifications of using sites such as YouTube, specifically relating to ownership. Is there any danger of YouTube taking advantage of what they actually own when I upload a video to the YouTube site? Doesn’t YouTube basically own the version of the video I upload? I noticed you mention SplashCast in another post. I’m looking into their services today. I also just found Revver. Any thoughts on these services? Thank you.

  4. John Easton Says:

    RE: David Robinson


    I will send you a copy of the article. Regarding copyright, YouTube does not own the video you submit to their service. You need to work through the US Copyright office to formally secure copyrights for your video. My good friend Steve Yankee published an article that explains all the details,

    Backing up a bit, the real question is what is your goal in using YouTube or any other streaming service for that matter (viral campaign, general marketing/exposure, film contract, etc)? Your goal will determine the best service or mix of streaming services to use.

    The marketing benefit of YouTube is it’s vast audience. The viewership rivals that of cable and network television. If you have a catchy program the YouTube audience is a great option to get eyeballs.

    SplashCast and Brightcove are in my opinion the two best online video services for streaming syndicated programming. If you want to create multi-episode content, these are the services to consider.

    Again, the “best” service is the one that best meets your goals.


  5. David Robinson Says:

    Thanks for the info John!

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