How a Multimedia Producer Says Goodbye


This is not going to be my typical blog post, as it does not relate to educating entrepreneurs. Please entertain me while I honor the recent death of my grandmother.  Arleva Rainey was my wife’s Grandmother by blood but she welcomed me into her family unit without hesitation and I came to care for her deeply.  Below is a video I prepared in her honor.

If you are not from North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia; some of the music might be new to you.  The style is called metered hymn and it is a derivative of the old ring shout created by slaves in the southern US. 

I hope you enjoy the presentation.

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6 Responses to “How a Multimedia Producer Says Goodbye”

  1. Manny Ohonme Says:


    Great work putting this together…Please extend my condolences to your family…

    Lets get together soon….Didn’t see you at the CIAA this year!


  2. Prince Says:


    You and your family have my deepest sympathy. The work you did to honor your wife’s grandmother is moving. I love the metered hymn, too.
    Also, my mother’s family are the Raney’s. Some spell their name “Rainey”. Where is your wife’s grandfather from?


  3. John Easton Says:

    Thank you both for your kind words. My Grandmother lived a very full lilfe. She was able to see all of her children do well, as well as grands and great-grands. She loved life, the church and everyone around her. Who could ask for more.


  4. Kofi Mawougbe Says:

    John, very creative putting this piece together about grandmother Alerva Rainey. I know, that her SOUL is now with HIM who created her, while her body rest peacefully in the grave till that wonderful DAY of the RESURRECTION.

  5. Felicia Watlington Says:

    John, how very moving and such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. I can see that she will be sorely missed.

    By best to you,


  6. Donna Murray Lacey Says:


    What a wonderful tribute. Brought back memories of my own grandmother who made her transition 10 years ago February 6th.
    My prayers are with your wife and your family as you learn to live life
    with the absence of a family Matriarch.


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