The Power of Your Press


Ellison Clary PR ExpertLike most small business owners, we are always looking to increase our customer base and stabilize cash flows.  Anyone who has worked with me knows that attracting and leveraging good press is a big part of my growth strategy .  When I mention the idea of courting the press some of my clients don’t understand the value; so I have asked a local public relations guru, Ellison Clary of Ellison Clary Comprehensive Public Relations to clear things up for us.

Ellison Clary, a former Bank of America executive and Charlotte Observer writer draws on 35 years of experience in journalism and public relations to enhance the business and reputation of clients. Ellison’s Clients come from segments such as legal, architectural, retail, financial, construction and technology.  Google Ellison Clary for more information.

Ellison’s Contact Information

  1. 415 North Church Street, Suite 113, Charlotte, NC  28202
  2. Phone: (704) 344-0893 and (704) 763-7290. 
  3. Email:

Q:  Why should businesses consider public relations as part of a plan to attract new business?
A:  It is an effective method for communicating with current and prospective clients through various public channels, including print and broadcast media, as well as new media. It also involves such low-tech channels as speeches and face-to-face meetings.

When businesses employ a well-designed, realistic public relations plan along with a clear, concise message, they communicate with the proper audiences for a fraction of the cost they would incur with advertising. That is because, unlike advertising, public relations efforts largely use channels that are free. The major cost of a public relations program is for the time and expertise of the professional who implements and operates it.  

Q:  What should be considered before creating a P/R plan?
A:  Often, a business needs to start a public relations plan with an issues development effort which pinpoints major objectives and prioritizes them. Then it should plan strategically about how to accomplish these objectives. A realistic time line for achieving goals is also important. A public relations professional can help with these early steps.

Q:  What are some of the options for cultivating good P/R?
A:  Options for disseminating the message or messages of a business abound in both the traditional media channels of print and broadcast as well as those of the new media such as Websites and blogs. A public relations professional will work with a business executive to devise a mixture of these channels to approach with a message that is tailored to appeal to each one individually.

A time-tested way to open the door to these channels is with a news release. A news release tells a story the way a business executive wants it told and is a written record of where the client stands on an issue or topic. It contains the major points a client wants to make in a format that is easily understood by the media. It reaches the right media representatives because the public relations professional who uses it knows how to target and distribute the information.

Q:  What are the advantages of using a P/R consultant vs. executing P/R initiatives yourself?
A:  Many precepts of public relations boil down to using common sense. Most people can employ them if they discipline themselves to spend the time necessary to devise an effective message, to develop a program for disseminating it to a wider audience and to follow that plan conscientiously. The vast majority of business executives simply don’t have time to work on this. They choose to employ the services of a public relations professional, instead.  

In addition to Ellison’s insightful suggestions, I would add that video and multimedia are great tools to refresh your press hits.  If a local or national publication does a story about your business get permission to add the material to your promotional video and to your website.  By doing this your press coverage is refreshed each time a new prospect views your promotional media. If you are covered by a news station or television program, read this post to learn how to turn the hit into a promotional video (Full Story).


9 Responses to “The Power of Your Press”

  1. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound Says:

    Regarding his recommendation on writing press releases:

    If you don’t know how to write one, check out my free email tutorial called “89 Ways to Write Powerful Press Releases.” Anyone can sign up for it at

    Pleasae stick with this course. It’s long. But by the time you’re done, it will be like getting a master’s degree in writing press releases.

  2. John Easton Says:

    I have purchased many of Joan’s products and followed her guidance all with great success. She get’s my recommendation.


    John Easton

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