Realtor Magazine Recommends Video Marketing


Real Estate VideoReal estate pros take note.  Realtor Magazine places significant emphasis on the use of video as a marketing tool.  The March, 2007 issue has several references to using video to grow your real estate business,

“Use Videos or video podcasts of You offering market updates” –  What’s Hot in Marketing Feature

“To build rapport, add multimedia content to your site, such as online videos or podcasts…Topics can be instructional what to expect during an inspection or what to keep in mind about purchase agreements or you can present a brief introduction about yourself and what you can do for prospects.” – 5 ways to engage prospects in your Web site

Attracting business in real Estate, and most businesses for that matter, is about making your value proposition tangible and video is perhaps the best tool to accomplish this task.  Some other ideas for real estate professionals might include:

  1. iPOD video:  This might include adding your promotional video to your video capaple iPOD deveice.  This will enable you to SHOW how you add value in any location you find yourself (more information).
  2. Customer testimonial videos:  Clips of your best customers signing your praises.  You might overlay footage of the property they purchased through you and other related footage. (read more).
  3. Thank you videos:  Instead of giving a bottle of wine as a home closing gift (some people don’t drink), give your customers a video showing simple home maintenance tips (fixing nail pops, garbage disposals, air filter replacement, etc).  Collaborate with a handyman and add your company branding with contact information to the video.  Believe me, your customers will love this gift and pass it along to friends who could become new customers.

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