Marketing 911: Start Right Tennis


Start Right TennisStarting this month a new section will appear on our blog. Marketing 911 is designed to assist entrepreneurs draw new customers to their businesses. Thank you once again, Joan Stewart ( for another great idea. Different businesses will be featured frequently and I will ask our readers to post their marketing suggestions as comments.

Kofe Mawougbe is one of the best tennis instructors I have ever met and he is also my son’s tennis coach. He is the owner of Start Right Tennis Development in Charlotte, North Carolina (

As I said, Kofe knows tennis but he could use a little help attracting and keeping more clients. His primary targets are children 6-teen and adults 25-50. In the adult range women seem to be most responsive. Kofe is currently in the process of creating a comprehensive marketing plan so I am curious to find out what you would suggest Kofe consider. Please post your suggestions as comments below.


6 Responses to “Marketing 911: Start Right Tennis”

  1. Vernease Miller Says:

    Kofe should get his summer “camp” schedule out NOW! Mothers are talking with each other now asking, “Where is your child going to camp this year”? We talk about what is out there to choose from and then decide within our own social groups what we think the best options are for our kids. I would like for my son to take tennis lessons. But I need a “camp” environment where he is dropped off for at least half of the day. I don’t mind the bag lunch. A perfect camp for my son this year would be a tennis/swimming combination. Let me know! Best wishes. VHM

  2. John Easton Says:


    You made a very important comment about timing and social groups. Can you suggest a couple of Charlotte-area social groups Kofe might consider? FYI, Kofi is somewhat new to the Charlotte area and he is so busy doing his work that he might not be familiar with some of the groups many of us take for granted.

    I think he should get in front of some of the PTA groups in his target demographic.


  3. Vernease Miller Says:

    I agree. The PTA/PTOs will be meeting for the last time in March. He should contact the school office to find out who the Room Parent Coordinator or President is. I would also put an ad in Charlotte Parent or Charlotte Woman magazines. He could ask the sororities for a chance to speak briefly at their March/April meetings. At put flyers out at choice private schools and the larger churches. He can also contact me. I’ll give him a shout-out in my upcoming newsletter Fresh Pearls from the Women In Minsitry Resource Vernease Miller

  4. John Easton Says:

    Mrs. Miller:

    Oh, I like the sorority and church angle. I am thniking Kofi should put some of those flyers you mention in the hands of his best customers and turn them into an extension of his sales force. You know birds of a feather…


  5. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound Says:

    He should start posting press releases and other news items to Craigslist. There’s a Craigslist for Charlotte, North Carolina. Go to

    He can post a variety of items in the community category. I found sub-categories for activities, events, local news and classes. Just be sure you don’t post identical posts to more than one category or more than one list or you’ll get kicked off the list. And post no more than once every 48 hours.

    You can read more about how to post to Craigslist in this free article at my website:

  6. Mark Williams, SpeakUP! Marketing Says:

    One way to raise consumer brand awareness for your services is to write an article on the subject for any number of local newspaper, health and fitness, and parent magazines. They are always looking for contributing writers.

    Perhaps you can get one of the publications to agree to include a series of weekly or monthly “Tennis Tips”.

    The strategy is to become the “local expert” when it comes to the subject of teaching tennis to kids and adults.

    You also may want to review your existing marketing and promotional materials to determine if any of the information contained should be updated.

    If you would like further assistance, you can go to my company’s website at for more information about our services.

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