About.com Embraces Web Video


How-To pillar, About.com has been providing text based instructional content for years but in light of changing consumer preferences, About has made a big push towards online video.  Why should entrepreneurs like us care?  Well, About’s adoption of video is but one more example of the marketing power of video. 

“Video’s becoming a baseline. … It’s absolutely necessary even just for retention of audience,” said eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman. It’s another way to present the same information-and can also increase time spent on a site. – Read the Details (From Ad Age) 

I often tell my clients, “even if you are not personally into this content, your existing and potential customers are, so you either get into it or hire someone who is.”  My company, Eastonsweb Multimedia is in partnership with Brightcove; the business that drives the technology under the hood of About.com’s video channel.


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