Viral Video: Presidential Race Barometer?


The folks over at Beet TV are saying that the current suite of viral videos produced by the Presidential candidates shows viewership of Barack Obama’s content is significantly higher than that of other candidates.

“Views of the Obama clips, two were published together, total about 450,000 while Brownback’s streams total approximately 9,000 as of this morning.” – Andy Plesser 

As exciting as it is to see the enabling technology behind viral video strategies allowing the public to preview the Presidential race before it hits the tradition media; I think the more compelling story is the fact that this technology is available to your business.  Look at the numbers. 

Obama is getting almost half a million eyeballs at literally $0 in broadcast expense.  I am not saying your video would draw this type of viewership but I can say with confidence that your distribution costs will be the same $0.  Such economics are unprecedented. 

The moral of the story is your business needs to jump in while the opportunity is available.  What will your strategy be?


One Response to “Viral Video: Presidential Race Barometer?”

  1. Leah Says:

    I came across something you might find interesting. This myspace page has tons of presidential smileys that people are posting on their myspace pages to show support for their candidate of choice! Very cool and it seems this is the wave of the political future!
    Check it out

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