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Stephanie Chandler Information Product Marketing ExpertAs many of my clients want to successfully distribute the instructional and special interest videos we create for them; I thought it appropriate to engage an information product marketing expert.  I was introduced to Stephanie Chandler through my friend and PR mentor, Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound. 

Stephanie Chandler is a small business expert and the author of FROM ENTREPRENEUR TO INFOPRENEUR: MAKE MONEY WITH BOOKS, EBOOKS AND INFORMATION PRODUCTS. She is also the founder of, a directory of free resources for entrepreneurs.

Stephanie, I am conducting this interview because I have a number of clients either interested in creating information-based special interest videos or they already have videos.  Many of these clients need a better understanding of how to effectively market their information-based products.

What is an infopreneur?
An infopreneur is someone who sells information. This can come in all forms: books, videos, audio files, e-books, etc.

If someone wants to distribute an information-based video what are some of the things they should consider to generate interest?
First, I would suggest focusing on building a high-traffic website. If you want to be successful selling products online, you have to reel in the buyers.

Second, send out an e-zine. It is relatively inexpensive and is one of the best marketing tools available online. Consider using a service such as Constant Contact. You should send it at least once a month, but twice a month or weekly can be even better. Make it easy to subscribe by putting a “subscribe here” box on every page of your website. You can also offer incentives for new subscribers. For example, you could give away a brief report or list as a gift to anyone who signs up.

Also, make sure to generate great sales copy for your products. Explain all of the benefits for the buyer (people like to buy solutions to problems). Include testimonials and offer a money-back guarantee. If your products are top-notch, you should rarely if ever have to send a refund.

What are some specific tools video infopreneurs can use to market their products online and offline (creating streaming trailers, YouTube, Courting the press)?
Ideally you would want to implement some viral marketing campaigns. Viral marketing is what happens when people start talking about your products and forwarding them to friends. Videos are an excellent platform for viral marketing since you can post short clips on places like YouTube and hope they catch on. Humor is always a winner so if you’ve got funny content, get it out there!

Publishing articles is another great way to promote your business and your products. Your articles should be related to the topics of your videos. You can submit them to industry-related websites or content sites that allow others to publish articles in their own e-zines and on their websites. My favorite content sites are and Make sure to include a good bio and a link to your website with each article, then periodically Google yourself to find out where your articles are showing up!

What resources would you suggest for budding video infopreneurs?
The key to success with online product sales is to learn as much as you can about online marketing and publicity. I recommend signing up for Joan Stewart’s publicity newsletter at Joe Vitale also publishes all kinds of information on hypnotic marketing: Incidentally, I interviewed both of these people in my book. I also send a monthly newsletter with lots of business and marketing tips at

How can your Infopreneur book help this group?
The book is loaded with information on how to create all kinds of information products including books, ebooks, teleseminars and more. If you have already captured an audience for your videos, it might be worthwhile to sell other types of products. For example, if you sell Yoga videos, you could sell an e-book on “How to Maximize Your Yoga Experience.”

Also, each chapter concludes with an interview with a successful infopreneur. These add a lot of value to the book since you can read some first-hand accounts of strategies that worked!

Stephanie, thank you so much for lending your time and expertise.  As we both know, beyond having a good product; the key to success with instructional video is creating a sound marketing and promotions plan. 

The clip below is an example of one of our client’s instructional video trailers.

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7 Responses to “Marketing Instructional / Special Interest Videos”

  1. carl hughes Says:

    but how difficult is this to impliment for the relativly unskilled wana be inpreneuer?

  2. John Easton Says:


    Thank you for your question. When you say”how difficult is this to implement ” can you tell me are you talking about creating an information-based video or creating/executing the marketing plan?

    Thank you in advance,

    John Easton

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  4. Stephanie Chandler Says:

    Hi Carl,
    I believe it’s relatively easy to implement an information product strategy as long as you have a clear understanding of your goals and you outline a plan. To help, here is a checklist you can use to get your plan underway:

    Information Product Plan Checklist

    Design and launch a website.
     Hire a designer or select software for site design.
     Select a hosting provider and register a domain name.
     Implement search engine optimization techniques.
     Submit site to search engines.
     Begin an online marketing campaign.

    Send a monthly newsletter/e-zine.
     Set up a form to capture subscribers from your website.
     Develop a giveaway product to reward new subscribers.
     Outline content to include in newsletters.
     Solicit contributions for newsletter content.

    Begin keeping a journal or notebook with product ideas.
     Jot down new ideas as they come to you.
     Create separate sections for product ideas and marketing ideas.

    Decide which line of products to develop first.
     Develop a timeline for launching your first three products.
     Outline the topics and process for your first info product.
     Begin developing your product.
     Set a price for your product.
     Evaluate and implement a shopping cart or payment collection service.
     Launch the product with fanfare and by following your marketing strategy.

    Develop your marketing campaign.
     Make a list of marketing strategies you plan to implement.
     Do three to five things each day to market your business and product.
     Test out what works and doesn’t work. Repeat strategies that work best.

    Continue the product development cycle.
     Evaluate product sales and response to marketing efforts.
     Test different pricing strategies if yours isn’t working.
     Continue developing products and following your checklist.

    Best of luck to you!

  5. madno Says:

    Good Article
    Keep up the good work
    really impressed

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