Your Own History Channel Video Broadcast


Your Own History Channel BroadcastThe History Channel is one of the most popular channels on cable television.  This is proof that people are very interested in the history of just about everything including your industry, your products and services.  You can use this interest to your advantage by producing a short history of “what you do” and inexpensively distributing the program through partners who reach your audience.  History Channel productions like American Eats, Modern Marvels and others often profile related companies in the process of teaching history.  Why can’t you do the same?

What I am suggesting is to produce a short 5-8 minute video that outlines the history of your services or industry.  When the program advances to “present day”, you showcase your company as the example of how the featured product or service is currently produced.

In addition to historic content layer in script copy that speaks to reasons why companies or consumers use your product.  This content will serve as a passive incentive for prospective customers to contact you.

Soliciting a good mix of partner distributors for your program could yield direct inquires from potential customers, garner great P/R through press release notification, and potentially spread virally as viewers pass your video onto friends, family and associates.  Likely distribution options for your program might include:

  1. Trade association websites:  Your industry trade association would love this content but it would also be useful to complimentary industry trades.  For example the marketing trade is a great compliment to my industry’s trade (multimedia production).
  2. Your company website
  3. YouTube, Google Video and other web video distributors
  4. Product manufacturers:  Let’s say you are a hair stylist and produce a program on the history of hair styling.  Suggest to a curling iron manufacturer that they include a DVD copy of your program with every curling iron set they sell.
  5. Cable or Cable Access distribution
  6. Local schools and colleges:  Especially good if you sell a product or service targetted to high school, college or other students.

Every day I see companies profiled on the History Channel and similar programs.  When I visit these companies online I usually see no reference to their feature.  The linked video (click here) is a perfect example of a missed opportunity.  Messer Construction Company is featured in a Mega Movers episode and there is no reference to the program at the Messer website.

You can be smarter even if the History Channel does not contact you.  Invest in your own history program and get your prospective customers excited.


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