Public Speakers, Get Your Video!


Speaker VideoIf you speak at corporate functions or conduct seminars make sure you get a copy of the event video tape.  If the host is not taping the event, consider hiring your own professionals to cover your portion of the event and even capture some user feedback (testimonials). 

Public speaking is a great way to position yourself as an expert and in the process, generate business leads.  Video disitribution of your seminars can exponentially expand your audience.  Here is a link to one of my seminars (click here).  Your taped seminar can be broadcast from your website, uploaded to YouTube, Google Video or other web video broadcast service at no cost.

You can also slice the video into several 5 or 10 minute chunks and offer the video modules for web broadcast to partner organizations that serve your audience (Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, etc).  If you work with partners, be sure they provide a link to your website in return for the free video content.

The bottom line is that you can turn your speaking opportunities into education-based marketing powerhouses.


7 Responses to “Public Speakers, Get Your Video!”

  1. Jonathan Steele, RN Says:

    Excellent point. I just made my first video last month. It was a one minute commercial for my web host. It won honorable mention in an international video contest with $40K in prizes. I have never made a video before.

    If you have no experience or if you are on a limited budget, consider using a local school or college student of video photography. They will appreciate the experience and extra money. You will get a cost effective video of your performance.

    There are a few basic rules for dressing for the camera that need to be researched. And guys, this is an occasion when you might just want to wear make up. It can make a big difference.

    Best wishes,

    Jonathan from

  2. John Easton Says:


    Thank you for your input. Can you post a link to your award-winning video? We would love to see it.

    Your suggestion about enlisting students is a good one. To minize the risk with less-experienced shooters it is critical to provide the video production resource with very detailed requirements for shooting and editing. The more information the better.

    Regarding makeup, this process can confuse most men. Mary Kay actually has a good line of lotions (oil controlling) that are almost as good as the foundations and powders that makeup artists rely on.

    Jonathan, we are looking forward to seeing your video!

    Best Regards,

    John Easton

  3. Larina Kase Says:


    Thanks for sharing these tips. I’ve been taping my speaking events and now I need a professional to tape my next one (to create a high-quality demo for speakers’ bureaus).

    I’ve been using to upload my videos which is great, but they put an ad at the end which is kindof annoying.

    Another wonderful use of video is for our own development as speakers- We can see what works best and what we need to fine-tune in our performance style.

    Warm Regards,

  4. John Easton Says:

    Dr. Kase:

    Thank you for contributing to the discussion. For those readers not familiar with Dr. Larina Kase she manages a successful career, business and performance coaching practice. She is also co-author of the best selling book, the confident speaker (

    You are so right about using the raw video footage as a speakers training tool. Athletes have been successfully using this tactic for years.

    Below are a couple of suggestions that might help your speakers promo video:

    1. Don’t limit distribution to speakers bureaus. Add the promo to your website, link to it in your email sig file, put it on your and others iPOD devices, give copies on mini-disc to evangelists in your network.
    2. Make the video more a true marketing piece with voiceover and other content that sells the benefits of your speaking service and establishes your credibility.
    3. Include a few strong testimonials (text and video interviews).
    4. Conclude with a strong offer (free book, whitepaper, etc.) and call to action. You want to encourage the viewer to take some action after watching the spot.
    5. Keep it short and impactful. Fairly quick cuts of engaging speaking segments, audience engagement and the other elements above will quickly establish your value to prospects.

    The point above is that too many speaker videos are long regergitations of speaches. Busy event coordinators have little patience for viewing such productions. Video producers often make the same mistakes promoting themselves.


  5. Your Speakers Video: From the Expert « The Eastonsweb Multimedia Blog Says:

    […] and expert on booking speaking engagements.  After a discussion with Dr. Kase in a recent post, Public Speakers, Get Your Video! I decided to invite Dr. Kase to share her thoughts on the use of video to market public speaking […]

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