Focus on Your Customers WANTS


When we begin a marketing effort, we often move forward using the time honored principle of focusing on our customers’ needs.  While this makes sense in a college marketing course, I believe you should focus on your prospective customer’s wants not their needs. Let’s face it most people don’t get excited about what they need.

A dentist focusing on a customer need will say, “Do you need a bad tooth removed? Contact Us Today!”  This question conjures up images of loud painful machines, long needles and a lot of pulling. The customer might need his tooth removed but he certainly doesn’t want it removed.

The customer simply wants his pain to go away.  He probably wants it done quickly and with some compassion on the dentist’s part.  Sell this and the dentist will be successful.  Sell tooth removal and forget about it.

If you are producing a marketing video or any sort of marketing tool, I suggest starting off with a list of what your customers want and marry the list to what you offer.  Over here at Eastonsweb Multimedia, our customers do not want a marketing video, CD-ROM, web video and on.  What they want is to get more customers, as fast as possible while spending as little money in the process and that is exactly what we sell and deliver.


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