Your Pursuit of HappYness Part 3: Business Lessons from Chris Gardner


Chris Gardner ImageBelow is the third installment of insights I picked up from reading Chris Gardner’s, The Pursuit of Happyness.

Identify  The Process:
Chris Gardner would test several approaches to solving his problems and move forward with those tactics that he was comfortable with and that yielded the best results.  From here he would consistently work his system.  As a novice stock broker Chris Gardner tried as many sales pitches as he made calls (he typically made 200 calls a day) testing all the time. 

Experience gave him a batter understanding of what truly motivated his prospects and he was then able to focus on key points that were in harmony with his prospects WANTS. His resulting sales process quickly conveyed his product knowledge; market savvy and his desire to generate long term returns for his clients. 

To attract the best customers, clients, members, etc to your business you have to test tactics, settling on those that work best and creating a process that you work on a regular basis.  Here at Eastonsweb Multimedia 70% of my day is devoted to working my marketing and sales process.

Watch Chris Gardner’s ABC News Interview:


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