My Chamber is Smart


Charlotte Chamber ImagesRecently the Charlotte Chamber’s Diversity Council hosted an event to educate prospective attendees of the upcoming diversity procurement conference.  My company (Eastonsweb Multimedia) video taped the event.  FYI, the procurement conference was created to match minority and women owned businesses with majority owned businesses.

 The video is being streamed online and has expanded the audience exponentially.  There were 30 or so people in attendance on the day of the event but the streaming video (see video below) received almost 500 unique views in December alone.  If my math is correct, this is a little more than a 1500% increase in exposure.

This strategy of web streaming an event, seminar, meeting, interview, promotional video, etc. can be used by any business or organization to generate buzz and grow an interest or customer base.

Watch the Diversity Procurement Conference Kickoff Event  below:


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