Your Pursuit of HappYness Part 2: Business Lessons from Chris Gardner


Chris Gardner ImageHere is the second installment of insights I gleaned from Chris Gardner’s story. 

Modeling Successful Behavior:
In all of his pursuits (medicine, pharmaceutical sales, financial markets and entrepreneurship), Chris Gardner made it a point to build relationships with people who were successful at doing what he wanted to do.  He would constantly ask his mentors, “how do you do that?”; “What is the process?”; “How does that work?”  Often times the more successful someone is, the more willing they are to share information.  As social creatures we have a biological need to pass down wisdom.

I encourage you to take stock of the people in your sphere.  I am willing to bet you have all the people-resource you need to cultivate a world class think tank.  Prove to your think tank members that you are worth supporting.  Make it easy for these busy people to meet with you.  Consider using a newsletter to keep your mentors abreast of company developments.  As your relationship grows, empower your mentors as evangelists and leverage their influential social networks.


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