Your Pursuit of HappYness Part 1: Business Lessons From Chris Gardner


Chris Gardner ImageI recently read the book and watched the film, The Pursuit of Happyness which tells the rags to riches story of Christopher Gardner.  Not to diminish Will Smith’s performance but Mr. Gardner’s book is, in part, a business course in successful entrepreneurship.  By the way, I encourage everyone to read the book.

Mr. Gardner develops from a child abused by his stepfather; becomes a homeless single parent; graduates to budding stock broker and finally becomes a wildly successful business owner.  By all accounts this man should have been a statistic several times over but a few practices (that we can all learn from) prevented his failure.  Over the next few days, I will post my thoughts on Mr. Gardner’s lessons.

Lesson #1:  Doing What Others Won’t: 
Chris Gardner understood that as a homeless father with no college degree and competing against well educated associates he had to do the things they were not willing to do.  With baby in tow, he got to the office earlier than anyone else, made more sales calls and was often the last to leave.  Using video as an example, I ask disbelieving prospective clients, “are your competitors using video?” The answer is usually, “No.”  I will then respond, “If video is a proven marketing tool and your competitors aren’t using it, don’t you think a good marketing video puts you at a competitive advantage?” Exploit the opportunities others don’t. 

The example above is but one. I would love to learn about ways you have put this principle into practice within your business.


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