To Get Google to Find You, Start Writing


Google ImagePeople often ask me how they can improve their search engine rankings.  The response most give is to employ a Search Engine Optimization strategy which includes a host of many credible, as well as a few voodoo tactics.  One sure fire way to increase your search engine visibility and your credibility is to write articles for media publications.  Google Eastonsweb Multimedia and see what comes up.

Media outlets (newspapers, magazines, web publishers and others) are always on the lookout for useful information or a unique spin on an existing story.  If your story gets picked up chances are it will appear on the web as well as in print.  If you compose your story with relevant keywords and your website’s link in the article byline; the keywords could hook the search engine which will  scan your article following the embedded link back to your website. 

Search engines love text content (not images), so the more text-rich articles you distribute, the more attractive your website will look to the search engines.  You can use Google Alerts to track your keyword search strategy.  As an example I have set one up for my company, Eastonsweb Multimedia.


One Response to “To Get Google to Find You, Start Writing”

  1. rsbodapati Says:

    good article about search engine optimization strategies.

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