Website Owners: Your Content is King


Website ContentI often work with clients who request graphics-heavy, Flashy websites but they sometimes fail to realize that it is the content that will ultimately make their site successful; not the “Flash”.  First, your website content is critical because text is a primary search engine hook.  Search engines cannot see graphics but they can and do scan text. Properly layering relevant keywords throughout your web pages will grab the attention of search engines and rank  your site higher is search results.

In addition to search engines, your prospective customers are attracted to useful, relevant content.  When was the last time you remember someone saying, “I just had to buy that new doohickey because that flashy, popping graphic looked so good.”  You have not heard anyone say this because it is not why customers buy and your site should be designed from the ground up to convert browsers into buyers.

The managers over at understand the point above. Amazon is certainly not going to win any design contests but it consistently transacts more business than just about any other web property.  Amazon wins because they understand their customers and consistently provide content that their customers want.


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