Ben McConnell Talks About Citizen Marketers (CBS News)


Ordinary people like you and I are having a tremendous impact on media and culture.  Word of Mouth marketing specialist, Ben McConnell talks with CBS News about how ” Citizen Marketers “, regular people are shaping today’s discussions.  Click the following link to watch the video:  Ben McConnell on CBS

I am talking about this today because just as ordinary individuals are getting heard, small business owners can leverage citizen marketing also.  Let’s take Ben McConnell’s example.  Ben recently released a new book, Citizen Marketers (which I am going to read soon).  I am not psychic but I bet he did some of the following:

  1. Launched the book
  2. Started a discussion about the book at his blog (engages citizen marketers on his behalf)
  3. He or his publicist engaged the press and got among other opportunities, the CBS interview (read “how to get a free marketing video” )
  4. CBS and other press mentions drive book sales, create new citizen marketers for him and stimulates the network of current citizen marketers.

The end result of all of this is great buzz and increased sales.  No matter what your product or service, you can do the same thing.  It does not cost much money to do.  It takes a bit of planning, the right tools and time.


2 Responses to “Ben McConnell Talks About Citizen Marketers (CBS News)”

  1. Ben McConnell Says:

    John — You may be pretty close to psychic. The only difference is that the work of a PR firm (and an author) begins months before the book launch. If the right combination of magic and timing come together, something like a feature on a national broadcast outlet can happen on or near launch.

  2. Multimedia Evangelist Says:


    Thank you for taking time to post. I am glad you mention timing. People new to the world of information products (books included) will certainly benefit from your statement about starting any marketing and PR well in advance.

    It is my hope that we engage some citizen marketers on your and Jackie’s behalf. If Citizen Marketers is half as insightful as Creating Customer Evangelists, I know my network will benefit greatly.

    John Easton

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