iPOD Video: Fitness Trainers Take Note


iPOD video for fitness trainersNo longer are fitness trainers limited to inflicting pain on local clients (just kidding about the pain).  Savvy trainers can have limitless reach by distributing training sessions via video downloaded to personal media players. 

Imagine your favorite fitness instructor at your local YMCA providing you with training sessions you can take on trips.  The sessions could include workouts that you can do in your hotel room.  The trainer could also podcast monthly, weekly or daily training sessions via services like iTunes, Zencast and others.  The client would not even have to wait for a disc to arrive, he or she could pay a small fee and immediately download the video to the media player.

Here is one trainer ahead of the curve, Australia’s Donna EllertonClick Here to watch one of her video trailers.  Donna is offering her iPOD training sessions for a fee, which is one viable tactic.  One might also consider giving a few sessions away to stimulate buzz and build awareness.

To be honest, any company selling a visual service can take advantage of this opportunity.  Cooking instruction, home decorating, martial arts, physical therapy can all be distributed via mobile video.


3 Responses to “iPOD Video: Fitness Trainers Take Note”

  1. Taekwondo Forms Says:


  2. John Easton Says:

    I am glad you found the post interesting. New Media technology has afforded fitness professionals quite a few impactful options for marketing their businesses and selling products/services.

    You might like this video trailer we produced for one of our client’s self protection videos (http://tinyurl.com/y7omr3).

  3. Collaborative Video: The Cure for Sticker Shock « The Eastonsweb Multimedia Blog Says:

    […] iPOD Video: Fitness Trainers Take Note […]

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