Does Your Picture Frame Talk? It Should!


digital frameI visited a CompUSA store yesterday and saw a display with several brands of digital picture frames.  These were not the first generation digital frames playing less-than-interesting photo slideshows.  No, full motion video was playing on each frame, so you know I got excited.

As I peppered the salesman with technical questions about the various types of video supported, frame rates and so on; the salesman gave me a look that could only come from a 19 year old college student who took the job to keep his busted 1985 Chevy running just long enough to make the next beer run.  I wasn’t going to let his lack of enthusiasm slow me down; so I led him reluctantly around the media center encouraging him to show me every unit in stock and discuss the minutia of each feature.

Why did I go through all of this trouble?  Well, at prices from $100 to $250, digital frames are an amazing way to deliver your marketing message.  You can put a high resolution sales video on an inexpensive compact flash media card, insert the card in the frame, place the frame on your (or someone else’s) desk and attract prospective customers.

Using the frames in your office is only one opportunity.  You can give frames to influencers in complimentary businesses. By placing the frame (with your marketing video on it) in an associate’s waiting area or office, your partner can evangelize your business without having to do any work.  Every day my accountant meets with business owners who fit our target profile exactly.  Guess what my accountant is getting for Christmas?

Other marketing opportunities might include providing frames to your key contacts; getting vendors into the act; displaying video frames at tradeshow booths and displaying in your office.  Feel free to post your ideas.


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