Online Videos: The Diane Rehm Show


Diane discusses online videoOn her popular radio talk show this morning, Diane Rehm and her guests discussed opportunities and issues associated with the proliferation of Internet video.  The discussion focused on the incredible growth of online video and it’s impact on television, film, advertising and related interests.

While I truly enjoyed the program, I wish there was more discussion about the opportunities afforded small businesses.  Yes, I did try to call in but thought a long wait on a cell phone while driving my car was not a good decision. 

I am a bit tired of hearing about the fears of entertainment industry executives toward digital media.  With all due respect these folks should stop fighting the inevitable and embrace the opportunity by rebuilding their business models to prevent, as in the case of CD’s, having to buy 12 songs I hate to listen to 2 songs I enjoy; but I digress.

If it were my show I would say Mr. Guest, what are your thoughts about a technology that enables a small startup to outcompete a much larger rival by webcasting their company’s instructional seminar videos from a local newspaper’s website.  The guest might respond, I never thought of that but since you mentioned it, I think it stands the traditional approach to marketing on its ear.  Think of it you can deliver value-added, packaged content to a partner’s audience (the newspaper website in this case), getting broadcast level exposure with little distribution cost and everyone walks away happy.  You attract attention to your business; the partner gets turn-key content and the consumer gets useful information. 

I guess I should save my opinions for the next show.  In any event, you can listen to the NPR broadcast.  Thanks for all you do Diane and NPR.


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