Sales Video Tip: Don’t Forget About Your Best Salesperson, Your Customer!


One mistake I see business owners make when developing sales and marketing videos is they forget to include testimonials from their best customers.  Satisfied customers are hands down your best salespeople. 

Few people can speak as passionately and believably about your company’s value than a customer who benefited from your product or service.  Once your customer, I mean salesperson, is captured on video; you can broadcast your new salesperson’s message to a wide audience.  Your salesperson can sell 24/7 from your website; sell from DVDs and CDs included in your collateral package; sell from a tradeshow booth or present your company’s pitch from a handheld video iPOD device.

Remember to include your satisfied customers, I mean your salespeople when you are ready to produce your next marketing video.


3 Responses to “Sales Video Tip: Don’t Forget About Your Best Salesperson, Your Customer!”

  1. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound Says:

    Great point, John.

    A few more reminders about testimonials:

    –It’s also important to suggest that your customer discuss the value of your product or service, not just the featurres. Can they translate the value into dollars and cents?

    –Forget about anonymous testimonials. They’re worthless.

  2. jeaston Says:

    So right Joan…Noone cares if you use the latest super hyperconductive whatchamacallit (feature). Everyone wants to know how the gadget will put money in their pocket, wow their prospective customers, attract rich investors, etc (benefit).

  3. Collaborative Video: The Cure for Sticker Shock « The Eastonsweb Multimedia Blog Says:

    […] Your Customers Are Your Best Salespeople […]

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