How to Get a Free Marketing Video


Has your business ever been featured in a news broadcast or profiled on a television program?  If so, you have a golden opportunity to obtain an extremely effective video to market your business at no cost.  When the broadcast media covers your business be sure to get a copy of the video to post to your website; add to your newsletter and blog; and add to disc media for inclusion in your marketing materials.

When broadcast producers create video segments about your company they employ some of the industry’s most talented resources to produce the content.  The end result is a very high-quality production that speaks “objectively” to how great your business is.  It is one thing to sing your own praises but when the news does it, people are more inclined to believe it.

The bottom line is, when the press covers you on television; be sure to get a copy of the master and refresh the PR through your marketing communications.  You will have a great marketing tool and save thousands of dollars.


One Response to “How to Get a Free Marketing Video”

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    […] He or his publicist engaged the press and got among other opportunities, the CBS interview (read “how to get a free marketing video” ) […]

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