Web Content Management: You Must Have a System


Web Content ManagementBeing able to quickly make changes to your website content is critical to long term business success. Small business website managers often don’t have the resources to manage site updates in house. They frequently rely on their site development company to make basic content changes; a solution that is often slow and expensive. The ideal small business solution is to have a user-friendly content management system that non-technical company representatives can use to make site changes. There are a number of options available.

Most content management systems fall into three categories software-based tools, online services and integrated systems. Software-based tools allow site managers to access site pages through the software and make changes to text and images in a familiar word processor-like environment. These tools are simple to use, inexpensive and quickly implemented. The downside is that the software must be installed onto each user’s computer.

With online content services site managers make changes through a third party online interface that is connected to their site via simple code snippets placed within target pages. Third party services have a wide range of prices based on the features and your site’s traffic. On the plus side, they can be implemented quickly. The downside with these services is the insertion of the code snippets can be complicated and fees can be expensive for high volume sites.

Integrated management systems offer similar functionality to the other two systems but they are built into the website. Managers can update their site without having to install software or code linkages. Up front site development costs are higher but the long term maintenance costs can be much lower than the other options.

If you are considering building a website or currently managing a site, efficient content management is critical and paying a site development firm to manage this task might not be your best option. The solution you choose should be driven by your organization’s financial and human resources.


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