Use Video to Make Your Website Sticky


web_video.jpgVideo is much more accessible to small businesses than ever before. Those savvy enough to take advantage of video’s marketing power are seeing significant benefit from broadcasting video on their websites. What I am speaking of is enhancing your site with your company’s 60 second commercial, latest training video or even an event webcast.

Why would you want to add a promotional or other video to your website? Below are several reasons:

Video enables you to “SHOW” and not simply tell prospective customers why your service is beneficial.  Video can add engaging content that will encourage visitors to return to your website.  Few of your competitors are using video on their websites. If you don’t believe me; browse your competitors’ websites right now. Web enabling your video is a great way to reuse your existing footage.  Professionally produced video presentations deliver your message consistently and unlike human sales staff the video can sell 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

If your company or organization has a promotional video (and you should); your website is one of the least expensive channels to showcase your program. Your current web host might already offer video streaming capability. This provides you storage space to host your video and technology (streaming server) that allows visitors to see it. In this scenario you might only pay for bandwidth beyond the limit set by your current web host. Bandwidth allocations are dramatically increasing. This means that the video-related usage would remain within your current bandwidth limits. The benefit to small businesses is that there may be no additional cost to feature your video. High impact marketing at no additional cost – now that’s value.

If you cannot afford your own server and staff, the best option for hosting your video is to work with a company that specializes in streaming video. The costs are not high, usually ranging from $10 to $50 per month. If you spread this cost over the number of potential viewers, the cost per viewer is quite low. The benefit of enlisting a separate provider is that a streaming specialist will have focused expertise in delivering web video which means a better experience for your visitors (fewer video stutters, DVD-like ability to play video from any point, etc.). In addition a good streaming provider will offer you user-friendly tools to manage your account’s video files (simple video uploading, arranging of video into folders, usage statistics, etc.).

The options are limitless for adding new life to your website by featuring online video. Add your company’s promotional video and have a sales force working while you sleep; sell your instructional seminar video online; feature your training video online and decrease your training costs and even globally broadcast your trade association’s next banquet online in real time and increase your event sponsorship opportunities. The bottom line is the web is not the future it is the present and just having a website is no longer enough to set you apart from your competition.


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