Educate Your Way to New Customers


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educate_image1.jpgI am fond of saying to my clients that the person or company who educates a prospective customer has a good chance of getting that person’s business. As an example, let’s say you have provided lawn maintenance services for ten years. You then take your expertise on the road and conduct a seminar for a local homeowner’s association on the basics of lawn irrigation (watering). Your presentation skills are sharp so your message is well received.

Several people in your audience of 30 are thinking, “Now I know exactly what I need to water my lawn properly, if I could just find someone to maintain the lawn.” Who do you think these potential customers will contact first? That’s right, you! You now have a successful marketing tool in your arsenal, the educational seminar. You can make your seminar even more effective by capturing it on video and distributing it on DVD, through the web or on broadcast TV.

Karate School Turns Seminar into Opportunity (Trailer Below):

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Educational seminars are very effective but you are limited in the number of in-person sessions you can deliver. Suppose you have time each month to do 8 seminars (that’s two each week). Each meeting attracts an average of 20 people. You will reach a total of 160 people. That’s good but not great. By distributing your seminar on video, you can reach thousands of people with significantly less effort.

Your video seminar also provides additional sales opportunities. Your “how to” video will allow you to expand beyond your existing market and sell to audiences you may not have previously considered. If you host a seminar on the use and maintenance of chef’s knives any user of a chef knife is a potential customer; including cooks, cooking students, knife manufacturers, the list is endless. The moral of the story is become a teacher of your business and the customers will come to you.

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