Does Your Business Use CD-ROM’s


cdrom.jpgIf you own a business one thing is certain, you need customers and in order to attract customers you will need effective marketing tools. Fortunately in today’s information age there are some very effective multimedia-based options including the interactive CD-ROM.

CD-ROMs can combine a wide range of media including near broadcast quality video, PowerPoint presentation documents, web pages, website links and applications that can even collect customer input (ex. mailing list subscriptions). Try doing all of this with a brochre.

In addition to the diverse mix of media that a CD- ROM can contain, there are a number of flexible ways to use the disc as a sales and marketing tool. On the marketing side, the disc can be used as a direct mail piece, as a trade show display, as a touch screen kiosk in an office waiting area or as a handout to prospective customers. If your disc is professionally authored, your business is sure to be distinguised from the competition.

In a sales scenrio the CD-ROM is equally effective. When facing a discerning prospect, you could easilly load the disc and dazzle your “soon-to-be” customer with eye catching graphics; your company promotional video and similar content that puts your brand and products on center stage. At the end of your presentation you can be assured of firmly establishing your company’s credibility and differentiating your firm from competing providers.

With all of it’s value it is suprising that more businesses are not using CD-ROM marketing kits. This means, the CD-ROM still offers the savvy business owner a competitive advantage. In a few years it will be simply a required piece of business collateral.

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