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7 Ways to Make Your Next Event Special

October 21, 2006

live_event.jpgAs with so many ventures, successful special event execution relies more and more on solid multimedia support. Banquets, gala events, corporate annual meetings and other such events usually feature some multimedia component. The public and more importantly, event sponsors have come to expect robust media offerings. If you are part of an event planning team or a planner yourself the following tips can help you meet your goals.

1.  Utilize the basic tools: Consider projecting a live video feed of event activity onto large screens. Include supporting graphics such as sponsor logos and other creative treatments.

2.  Sponsor graphics package: When highlighting your sponsors be sure to include sponsor graphics in a number of places. Your sponsorship package may include full screen logo presentations; graphics in the lower third of the screen and perhaps sponsor graphics in the right or left corner of the screen (referred to as a bug). The more views a sponsor receives the more likely the sponsor is to pay for the ad space.

3.  Sell media exposure to sponsors: Don’t just give your sponsorship media space away. Sell features of the package as separate items or as part of your top sponsorship level.

4.  The commemorative DVD: Create a commemorative DVD of your event to distribute for resale and as a gift to key supporters (sponsors, planning team, award recipients, etc.).

5.  DVD giveaway offer: Consider giving your commemorative DVD to each event attendee. This is a great way to say thank you and a way to enhance the sponsorship offering; since the DVD increases the number of times sponsor references are seen. To ensure a profit consider adding $15 or $20 to the event ticket price. A 500 person gate could yield $10,000 in revenue from the DVD distribution.

6.  Web distribution: Streaming your event online offers many benefits. First, you can sell sponsorships for the stream. Second, this is a quick and inexpensive way to expand your event audience. Finally, few organizations are presently doing this so your event will stand apart.

7.  Promotional media: Create a short trailer from your event footage to attract sponsors and attendees to future events. Your promotional trailer can be distributed via CD-ROM and on your website.

Today’s technology offers a number of great ways to leverage multiple types of media for your next live event. These tips are just the starting point for creative event media execution. With a little imagination and a good multimedia provider, your next event can be both memorable and profitable.


Use Video to Make Your Website Sticky

October 21, 2006

web_video.jpgVideo is much more accessible to small businesses than ever before. Those savvy enough to take advantage of video’s marketing power are seeing significant benefit from broadcasting video on their websites. What I am speaking of is enhancing your site with your company’s 60 second commercial, latest training video or even an event webcast.

Why would you want to add a promotional or other video to your website? Below are several reasons:

Video enables you to “SHOW” and not simply tell prospective customers why your service is beneficial.  Video can add engaging content that will encourage visitors to return to your website.  Few of your competitors are using video on their websites. If you don’t believe me; browse your competitors’ websites right now. Web enabling your video is a great way to reuse your existing footage.  Professionally produced video presentations deliver your message consistently and unlike human sales staff the video can sell 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

If your company or organization has a promotional video (and you should); your website is one of the least expensive channels to showcase your program. Your current web host might already offer video streaming capability. This provides you storage space to host your video and technology (streaming server) that allows visitors to see it. In this scenario you might only pay for bandwidth beyond the limit set by your current web host. Bandwidth allocations are dramatically increasing. This means that the video-related usage would remain within your current bandwidth limits. The benefit to small businesses is that there may be no additional cost to feature your video. High impact marketing at no additional cost – now that’s value.

If you cannot afford your own server and staff, the best option for hosting your video is to work with a company that specializes in streaming video. The costs are not high, usually ranging from $10 to $50 per month. If you spread this cost over the number of potential viewers, the cost per viewer is quite low. The benefit of enlisting a separate provider is that a streaming specialist will have focused expertise in delivering web video which means a better experience for your visitors (fewer video stutters, DVD-like ability to play video from any point, etc.). In addition a good streaming provider will offer you user-friendly tools to manage your account’s video files (simple video uploading, arranging of video into folders, usage statistics, etc.).

The options are limitless for adding new life to your website by featuring online video. Add your company’s promotional video and have a sales force working while you sleep; sell your instructional seminar video online; feature your training video online and decrease your training costs and even globally broadcast your trade association’s next banquet online in real time and increase your event sponsorship opportunities. The bottom line is the web is not the future it is the present and just having a website is no longer enough to set you apart from your competition.

Educate Your Way to New Customers

October 20, 2006

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educate_image1.jpgI am fond of saying to my clients that the person or company who educates a prospective customer has a good chance of getting that person’s business. As an example, let’s say you have provided lawn maintenance services for ten years. You then take your expertise on the road and conduct a seminar for a local homeowner’s association on the basics of lawn irrigation (watering). Your presentation skills are sharp so your message is well received.

Several people in your audience of 30 are thinking, “Now I know exactly what I need to water my lawn properly, if I could just find someone to maintain the lawn.” Who do you think these potential customers will contact first? That’s right, you! You now have a successful marketing tool in your arsenal, the educational seminar. You can make your seminar even more effective by capturing it on video and distributing it on DVD, through the web or on broadcast TV.

Karate School Turns Seminar into Opportunity (Trailer Below):

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Educational seminars are very effective but you are limited in the number of in-person sessions you can deliver. Suppose you have time each month to do 8 seminars (that’s two each week). Each meeting attracts an average of 20 people. You will reach a total of 160 people. That’s good but not great. By distributing your seminar on video, you can reach thousands of people with significantly less effort.

Your video seminar also provides additional sales opportunities. Your “how to” video will allow you to expand beyond your existing market and sell to audiences you may not have previously considered. If you host a seminar on the use and maintenance of chef’s knives any user of a chef knife is a potential customer; including cooks, cooking students, knife manufacturers, the list is endless. The moral of the story is become a teacher of your business and the customers will come to you.

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Does Your Business Use CD-ROM’s

October 14, 2006

cdrom.jpgIf you own a business one thing is certain, you need customers and in order to attract customers you will need effective marketing tools. Fortunately in today’s information age there are some very effective multimedia-based options including the interactive CD-ROM.

CD-ROMs can combine a wide range of media including near broadcast quality video, PowerPoint presentation documents, web pages, website links and applications that can even collect customer input (ex. mailing list subscriptions). Try doing all of this with a brochre.

In addition to the diverse mix of media that a CD- ROM can contain, there are a number of flexible ways to use the disc as a sales and marketing tool. On the marketing side, the disc can be used as a direct mail piece, as a trade show display, as a touch screen kiosk in an office waiting area or as a handout to prospective customers. If your disc is professionally authored, your business is sure to be distinguised from the competition.

In a sales scenrio the CD-ROM is equally effective. When facing a discerning prospect, you could easilly load the disc and dazzle your “soon-to-be” customer with eye catching graphics; your company promotional video and similar content that puts your brand and products on center stage. At the end of your presentation you can be assured of firmly establishing your company’s credibility and differentiating your firm from competing providers.

With all of it’s value it is suprising that more businesses are not using CD-ROM marketing kits. This means, the CD-ROM still offers the savvy business owner a competitive advantage. In a few years it will be simply a required piece of business collateral.